The Fabulous Group offers new and existing franchisees a comprehensive range of professional support and the best of both worlds; you continue to be your own boss, run the business and reap the rewards from your hard work, whilst benefiting from the knowledge, experience and support of an established multi-disciplined team. It’s like being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Our practical range of specialist services make it easier for you to concentrate on establishing and growing a successful franchise; offering the most common professional services you’re likely to need, under one roof, in a flexible manner.

It doesn’t matter what stage your franchise business is at or what sector you are in; whether you are in food, finance or automotive, we can provide the support you need during any period of the typical business lifecycle;

Start – Ideal services if you are setting up as a brand new franchisee; delivering the essential services you need to successfully start out on your new venture

Rise -  Specific services designed to support emerging franchisees; delivering the essential services you need for the early-stage growth of your venture

Prime – Tailored support for strong performing franchisees; providing all of the core services to support and maintain your successful venture

Mature – Aimed at well-established franchisees; all of the key help you need if you are considering an exit or sell-on/ buy-back of your venture

To find out how The Fabulous Group can provide support to your franchise, please contact us either by email, phone or via our Enquiry Form