Refresh your brand with the support of Fabulous Marketing

Hibernate don’t Stagnate.

Join Fabulous Marketing in hibernation and together let’s strengthen your come-back post-lockdown.

Since lockdown began, our motto has been ‘hibernate don’t stagnate’.

Hibernation is key to survival for animals in the wild, much like marketing is for businesses.

For animals, hibernation is a strategic process that strengthens their return to the wild.

Use this time to realign your strategy and return to a ‘new’ normal stronger than before.


Revive your brand with Fabulous Marketing


With the additional time lockdown has appeared to give us, if you’re anything like us you’ll have come up with umpteen different options of your logo and maybe even reached the stage that you no longer like it (we’ve not gone that far, our Head of Marketing will be relieved to hear!).

Perhaps you have gone off your brand colours, your logo no longer pops like it used to, or you feel that it looks like everyone else’s. Use this time to revive your brand. Consider exactly what it is you want your brand to reflect and make considered decisions about it rather than rushed ones like you usually would.


Fabulous Marketing have curated a package to support businesses with exactly that for more details email, call 0800 112 0880 and read on…


What is included in Fabulous Marketing’s branding package?


If we have learnt anything over the past month or so, it is the need for our marketing to be in tip top condition. Brands will forever be remembered (or forgotten) for the way they reacted to COVID-19.

Join us in hibernation for and let us help you to revive your brand, here’s what is included.


  • An initial series of logo design concepts will be created for you to review, mix and match the different elements and reach a final design concept.
  • Chosen Logo designed
  • Brand guidelines produced Inc. various file formats of logo, brand colours, fonts etc.
  • Business Card design and print (Inc. a print run of 250 business cards)


All of this for £275 plus VAT, exclusive to lockdown. Now is the time to refresh your brand and make a real statement post lockdown.


Support from Fabulous Marketing


We would be delighted to have a chat and learn more about you and your business. Come and join us in hibernation, simply call 0800 112 0880 or email


Here are just a couple of examples of branding projects Fabulous Marketing have completed recently.


Branding examples from Fabulous Marketing

Professional Service logo designs from Fabulous Marketing