Tech Companies Join Forces to Support Local Business

Two Harborough-based technology companies have joined forces in order to provide an all-in-one business software management and IT support solution that will provide benefit to local businesses.


Fabulous Tech and Globe2 have teamed up in order to offer a new technology service to local small and medium-sized businesses. The new service is an all-in-one business software management and IT support solution. The service will identify, utilise and maintain the best software to increase productivity, streamline processes and lessen the technology headache that can be encountered when running a business.


How Can Technology Benefit Local Businesses?


With so many options out there for apps, software, hardware and plug-ins, all claiming that your business simply cannot exist without them, this new service will cut through the noise, reviewing existing tech systems, finding efficiencies, suggesting strategies, and saving businesses both time and money by ensuring that their technology integrates effectively and actively benefits their business.


There are a whole host of ways in which technology can benefit a small business, from phone-based payment solutions to multi-site point of sale systems, integrated tills, booking systems, client data management, bookkeeping and invoicing options to superfast internet and file sharing strategies.


How Will Fabulous Tech and Globe2 Help?


In the provision of this new, united service, these two local companies will help businesses to identify and utilise any and all technology that can directly benefit their business. This could be through improving efficiencies, streamlining business processes, finding new ways to save cost and minimising any risks associated with technology failure.


As part of this new service, Fabulous Tech and Globe2 will review any existing technology in order to make the best possible recommendations for that business.


What’s more, businesses will continue to be provided with an ongoing IT management support service, ensuring that the recommended technology continues to work hard for their business and, of course, being there to fix things and get the business back up and running quickly should anything go wrong.


The technologies that this service will look at include, but are not limited to:


  • Point of sale/tills
  • Booking systems
  • Office and communications
  • Staff management
  • Financial/marketing systems
  • Hosting
  • Broadband
  • Networking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Telecoms systems
  • SMS
  • CCTV


How Can I Find Out More?


For a free, no-obligation consultation to discover how technology could benefit your business, contact Fabulous Tech today on 0800 112 0880, or email