How Important is Social Media Marketing?

Social media has become an increasingly integral part of any company’s marketing strategy and yet many companies are still yet to take full advantage of the benefits that it can bring to brand exposure and customer relations. In the last quarter of 2017, 1.37 billion active Facebook users visited the platform on a daily basis. This would point towards social media marketing as a key element of business strategy. Surprisingly, however, a recent analysis by Turner Little, based on data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), has shown that only 60% of businesses are using social media. Should companies be better utilising social media in their marketing strategy?

Why use social media?

ONS statistics showed that the number one benefit of a business’ use of social media is the development of the business image and the marketing of products and services. The second benefit is receiving customer feedback and responding to queries. 77% of Twitter users say that they experience increased feelings of positivity towards a brand that responds to their tweets. Social media can therefore be used to build a positive brand image and to actively engage and build a relationship with potential customers.

Is everyone else doing it?

There appears to be a big difference between the number of large companies using social media as a part of their marketing compared to the number of smaller companies. 90% of companies with 1000 employees or more have a social media presence, whereas 51% of smaller companies do not even link social media pages on their website.

The same applies with respect to content creation. 80% of larger companies (staff numbers > 1000) post regular blogs, compared to a mere 39% of smaller businesses. The reason for this is most likely that larger companies are able to facilitate an in-house marketing department to take control of their social media marketing and content creation. From remembering to post regularly, to deciding what to write, social media marketing can be time-consuming. Smaller companies often do not have the resources for this and it would not be considered worthwhile to assign this very full-on task to an existing employee. The best solution, in this instance, is to outsource your social media marketing and content creation to a marketing specialist, who will be able to spend time creating relevant and highly optimised content for your social media platforms, in order to spread brand awareness and reinforce your brand image.

Getting help from a marketing specialist

Fabulous Marketing functions as the perfect outsourced marketing department to work alongside your business and in accordance with your wider business strategy. With a wealth of experience in both social media marketing and content creation, we can take away the headache of constantly posting to social media, whether it be finding the time to do so or simply thinking of what to say.

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