Fabulous Marketing’s solutions to help you prepare for business post-lockdown

Hibernate don’t Stagnate

It is the start of a new a month and our sixth week in lockdown, on Sunday we are anticipating an announcement with regards to these measures being relaxed and today possible post-lockdown workplace rules have been revealed.


With no precedents set, there were lots of knee-jerk reactions amid lockdown. Everyone found themselves in the same, unfamiliar, and uncertain boat.

  • Cafes and Pubs closed their doors instantly, reopening days later once they had adjusted their operations to facilitate takeaway and delivery services.
  • Businesses furloughed staff unnecessarily, desperate to un-furlough staff three weeks later to meet extra-ordinary, soaring business demands.
  • Marketing budgets were slashed and suddenly brand salience disappeared.

No one was able to predict how events would unfold yet we are now in a situation where we are ready to reflect on what we have learned and plan for a strong come-back.


There are many sayings and phrases we will take away from this, one being ‘we will never get this time back again’. Not only is it true but one we must not take for granted. You will never get a better opportunity to truly focus on the direction of your business moving forward again. A company restructure, amendments to your business offering and adjustments to your working day are just some of the areas you may consider making changes to.


The variety of ways business have reacted in response to COVID-19 will speak volumes about their brand. It will shape them forever. Those who responded positively will be remembered for the right reasons, those that didn’t, won’t and those that simply vanished will be forgotten. All isn’t lost though, there is still time to make amends and fix things ready to make a successful come-back.


And that is where Fabulous Marketing can help…


Since we entered lockdown, Fabulous Marketing have been obsessed with the idea of using this time to hibernate rather than stagnate.

Hibernation is key to survival for animals in the wild, much like marketing is for businesses.

For animals, hibernation is a strategic process that strengthens their return to the wild.

Let’s use the time ‘we will never get back again’ to overhaul our strategies and return to a ‘new’ normal stronger than before.

To support businesses and their owners to achieve this, Fabulous Marketing are offering their support and expertise to help strengthen your comeback.


Support available from Fabulous Marketing

Fabulous Marketing’s Hibernate don’t Stagnate webinar series

In March we launched our Hibernate don’t Stagnate webinar series where fortnightly, we focus on a different marketing topic that businesses can adopt internally.

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Fabulous Marketing’s free marketing strategy session

We identified the need to further support individuals and their businesses and with that are offering free Marketing Strategy consultations. These are aimed at helping your business to strive, it provides an opportunity to reflect on where you are currently and what you want to achieve next. With this insight we can recommend the tools and activities required to support these goals from a marketing perspective.

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Fabulous Marketing’s branding support

Perhaps your brand needs reviving. Have you gone off your brand colours, does your logo no longer pop like it used to? Use this time to revive your brand, consider exactly what it is you want your brand to reflect and make considered decisions rather than rushed ones. Fabulous Marketing have curated a package to support businesses with exactly that.

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Join Fabulous marketing in hibernation and with the appropriate planning, you can return to a ‘new’ normal stronger than before. We would be delighted to have a chat and learn more about you and your business, simply call 0800 112 0880 or email hello@fabgroupco.com.