Free Marketing Strategy Review with Fabulous Marketing

Hibernate don’t Stagnate

Join Fabulous Marketing in hibernation and together let’s strengthen your come-back post-lockdown.

Since lockdown began, our motto has been ‘hibernate don’t stagnate’.

Hibernation is key to survival for animals in the wild, much like marketing is for businesses.

For animals, hibernation is a strategic process that strengthens their return to the wild.

Use this time to realign your strategy and return to a ‘new’ normal stronger than before.


 Marketing Strategy Review with Fabulous Marketing


With access to a team of experienced, CIM accredited marketers, Fabulous Marketing will help you to develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your overall business goals.

During lockdown, your business goals may have evolved and if this is the case your marketing strategy will need to be brought back in line with these. Perhaps you do not have a marketing strategy, well now is the time to make one.

We are offering free Marketing Strategy consultations. These are aimed at helping your business to strive, use this session as an opportunity to reflect on where you are currently and what you want to achieve next. With this insight we can recommend the tools and activities required to help achieve these goals from a marketing perspective.

Arrange a meeting with us at a time that suits, from the comfort of your workspace (wherever that may be) and let’s talk strategic planning.

Email  or call us on 0800 112 0880 to set up a meeting.


What is included in a free Marketing Strategy session?


If we have learnt anything over the past month or so, it is the need for our marketing to be in tip top condition. Brands will forever be remembered (or forgotten) for the way they reacted to COVID-19.

Join us in hibernation for a free Marketing Strategy consultation, here’s how the process works.


  1. Feel Inspired
  2. Enquire via email through or call 0800 112 0880
  3. Have an initial chat – this our chance to learn a little bit about each other, what we both do and how Fabulous Marketing can help
  4. Fabulous Marketing email across a Strategy Document for your completion (the more detail provided, the better and do not worry there is no deadline to meet)
  5. Return completed document to Fabulous Marketing
  6. Fabulous Marketing set to work on developing a marketing strategy that aligns with your overall business. We will look at the bigger picture and consider the marketing activities that are appropriate to your and your business.
  7. Fabulous Marketing will get in touch to arrange a ‘virtual’ meeting and together we’ll explore your new marketing strategy and how to implement it effectively.


This is fabulous opportunity and one exclusive to lockdown. It is a chance to review your current activity and make any adaptations whilst reflecting on your business and re-aligning it to strengthen your come-back post lockdown.


Support from Fabulous Marketing


We would be delighted to have a chat and learn more about you and your business. Come and join us in hibernation, simply call 0800 112 0880 or email