Recognise and Reward Your Employees Remotely

Homeworking changes at The Fabulous Group prompts reward and recognition boost.


Now more than ever, it’s important to make your employees feel included and valued.


With life turned up-side down in just a few days and hundreds if not millions of employees now working from home, it’s a critical time to recognise just how important they are to your business.


Many of your employees and colleagues may never have worked from home and may struggle with the isolation and lack of workplace camaraderie.


The Fabulous Group have teamed up with highfive an online rewards and recognition scheme and are mid launch with their highfive App. The software is also available as a desktop application.


highfive rewards and recognition scheme in action at The Fabulous Group

The team at The Fabulous Group started working from home this week, but one of the brilliant things about the office was the camaraderie, support and collaboration. Thankfully they all have Microsoft Teams and are having daily video conferencing sessions.


We have adopted highfive to boost collaboration after homeworking was introduced.


In addition, with the launch of highfive, the team at The Fabulous Group will also now be able to recognise one another’s achievements by high fiving them. Some of the awards are linked to the core values as at this time more than ever, it is important to reinforce these and the behaviours that come with the core values. There are also other awards such as Happy Birthday and long services awards, celebrations that may be forgotten in the current and remote working situation.


Colleagues can thank one another as can the leadership team which means when the team are helping one another out remotely, everyone has full visibility of this support through seeing the high fives being awarded and the reasons for this. Full visibility is there even when working remotely. When awarding a high five, there is a comments box, so employees can see why they are being “high fived”. This will help with a whole heap of things including productivity, motivation, collaboration and mental health.


The software also offers a monthly prize draw and for all of the colleagues who received a high five for the month, they are then entered into a monetary prize draw. The high fives can be for recognition and/or reward, so they can, but do not need to have, a monetary amount attributed to them.


Highfive is applicable to all size of businesses even smaller ones as it can be a very low-cost tool to help keep small teams working together effectively. Any monetary rewards are also available through digitally prepared cards, so receipt is guaranteed even while working remotely. Setting up highfive in the business is also quick and straightforward.


Further information about the rewards and recognition scheme from highfive

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