The resurrection of the email marketing campaign

Surely the ever-growing rise in social media, mobile marketing and search engines means that email marketing is facing elimination, right? Wrong. Email marketing is actually one of the most profitable means of marketing.

Many of us receive a barrage of automated marketing campaigns which swarm our inboxes on a daily basis, and never get opened. It has become a rarity for an email newsletter or campaign to arrive which will actually catch our precious attention, which is why figuring out what makes a truly effective email marketing strategy is vital for businesses who don’t want their emails to be moved straight into the bin.

Here are 5 reasons you should jump back onto the email marketing bandwagon:

  1. Target audiences are easily accessible

Social media, TV campaigns and newspaper adverts are effective in their own way, but you have no control over your audience. Out of, say, 500 people that see your marketing campaign on twitter, possibly only 100 of these will actually belong to the audience who are interested in your content. Email marketing means that you can send your campaigns to the appropriate demographic. Not only will this be much more productive for your business, but it will strengthen the relationship with your audience if they receive content from you that they are interested in.

  1. Increase company value

Email marketing can be a great way of making sure you stick in people’s heads. If you successfully complete step 1 and target your content specifically to engage your audience, then when they need certain products or services which you provide, your business will spring to mind. By default, this will increase the company value.

  1. Analytics are made possible

Other marketing platforms generally only give estimated statistics, which are key to measuring marketing success. Email campaigns result in precise analytics via open rates, subscriber retention rates, etc. From these numbers, you’ll be able to figure out what marketing strategies are the most effective and fine tune your campaigns in terms of elements such as topics and visuals.

  1. Lower cost and time

Email marketing campaigns are amongst the cheapest to distribute. The Direct Marketing Association suggests that email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spent. This makes sense, as marketing through email means avoiding printing and posting costs, as well as advert rates. They are also much quicker to produce and send so that you can get more of your content out in less time, which increases the likelihood of capturing your audience’s attention.

  1. Emails are easy to share

It only takes a couple of clicks on a screen or keyboard for subscribers to share your content with their contacts. If your campaign is effective, it is likely to get more exposure from your audience recommending it to their peers, who tend to view their personal contacts as credible. This is a quick way to increase your following, simply by creating campaigns which people want to broadcast.

Email marketing campaigns are certainly not a thing of the past, and should be a fundamental way of communicating with your audiences. Whilst it is unlikely to be your only mode of marketing, it is one which is cost effective, and, when done well, extremely beneficial. If you are interested in discussing a content marketing strategy or need support to create an e-newsletter, get in touch and we can meet to discuss your needs. Outsourced support is not as expensive as many think it may be. And just think what you could do with that time you will save instead of trying to make a MailChimp template work the way you want it to!