When should a small business consider outsourcing?

Why consider outsourcing?

Running a small business is both challenging and time consuming, and it doesn’t come without its fair share of distractions. It is all too easy to become bogged down by administrative jobs such as bookkeeping, running the payroll and ensuring compliance with regulations, which usually means one thing – less time spent actively growing your business. Could outsourcing the basic business functions be the answer to this?

Time is money

Any small business, especially when first starting out, will be looking to keep its running costs as low as possible and this is why many small business owners opt to do most administrative jobs themselves rather than pay someone else to do them. This quest to save on money, however, can often come at the cost of the overall efficiency of the business.

By endeavouring to do as much as is possible themselves, small business owners often find themselves spending great amounts of time on tasks that, despite being critical, simply do not generate sales. Whilst outsourcing these tasks can seem like a non-essential expense for the business, assigning them to someone with the right skills will lead to increased efficiency. Not to mention that it frees up time for you to spend on actively growing your business.

When a small business owner is able to focus on growing the business, rather than on administrative tasks, they are able to spend their time and energy on the ideas that they are truly passionate about and, what’s more, to remember just why they started their own business in the first place. Not to spend hours on the basic business functions, but to commit their passion and their energy to developing an idea that they truly believe in.

Ensuring things are done correctly

In addition to freeing up valuable time, outsourcing these business functions has other benefits. It may be difficult for the average small business owner to keep up to date with changes to regulations regarding tax and compliance, the miscalculation of which could come with serious repercussions for the business. In instances such as this, having a specialist on the case just helps to ensure peace of mind.

On a similar note, having a third party cast an eye over your data systems and processes will ensure that any miscalculations or errors are picked up on. It also means that you’ll never miss a deadline and your accounts will be taken care of, even if you are caught up in a business (or family) emergency.

Keeping the experts on hand

In addition to bookkeeping services, running of the payroll and the guarantee of tax compliance, you will also benefit from the business knowledge that outsourcing will gain you access to.  Your outsourced support will be able to provide you with reports and KPIs assessing the performance of your business and advise you on what more can be done. You will have access to a ready-made network of business professionals with a wealth of experience in growing businesses just like yours. Your outsourced support will also be able to keep you up to date with any industry developments, such as the latest technology, to aid the smooth running of your business.

Outsourcing to the Fabulous Group

With a wealth of experience helping businesses grow in a variety of industries, the Fabulous Group will happily become your new outsourced financial management, accounting and business advisory service. Our practical range of specialist services makes it easier for you to concentrate on establishing and growing a successful business, whilst we handle the other stuff.

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